Barcode III

By John Leaser



About the artist


Jonathan Leaser is a self-taught artist originally from Northwest Indiana. Beginning with cartooning in his early teens, he learned the basics of sketching, shadowing and perspective views. Studying mostly figurative works from the old masters and the contemporaries of today, Jonathan began to develop his own unique style of sketching, painting and drawing using all mediums including air brushing. His subject matter is mostly figurative and motor sports, with his favorite being Formula 1 racing.


Working professionally as a freelance artist for the past five years, Leaser has been commissioned by private collectors to create unique original paintings for their homes and offices. Jonathan has sold hundreds of original designs across the country.


In 1998 Leaser signed a major licensing contract with Speed Racer Enterprises, Inc., the company that owns the worldwide copyright to the Speed Racer™ name.  Officially licensed, Leaser has produced a series of limited original oil paintings based on images from the classic SPEED RACER™ cartoon.  Produced in 1966 by the Tokyo based Tatsunoko Production Company Limited, SPEED RACER™ was one of the most watched cartoons of its time.  Jonathan’s SPEED RACER™ series contains large and small canvases in a style reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstien.  Each image was carefully selected from the 52 original episodes to capture that classic SPEED RACER™ look